Yes, this ball really Glows-in-the-Dark!*

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In this video, there are three new GLO-BALLS and one original Viper ball (the one that isn't glowing).


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The Fluorescent Balls are reflective.
These are not GID but they do reflect light which makes them bright.
For example, if your machine's lights run blue, the pearl white ball will take on a blue cast, if green, a green cast...etc.

Pearl White
Brilliant Blue
Hot Pink
Awesome Orange
Monster Green
Lightening Yellow
  White Pinball Blue Pinball Pink Pinball Orange Pinball Green PinballLightening Yellow

These balls are virtually identical to the original Viper Night Drivin' balls EXCEPT that we are using a much harder material around the steel ball core. Weight of the balls is the identical 60 grams which makes these
balls play super fast!


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Glo-Balls in Package Hot Pink Pinballs

Balls come in 4 packs of solid colors.

Glow-in-the-Dark sets are $60

Fluorscent sets are $48


What machines would these work great in? How about these suggestions:

Put the GID in your Viper, Creature, Cirque, Blackout...

Put the pink in your Playboy, Bride of Pinbot, Rollergames...

Put the orange in your Simpsons, Indiana Jones, Party Zone, Flintstones, Demo Man, Nitro Ground Shaker, Bad Cats, Radical, NBA, Space Jam, Dracula...

Put the green in your Monster Bash, Batman Forever, Teenage Ninja Turtles, Scared Stiff, Shrek, Congo, Class of 1812, Jungle Lord, Strange Science, Godzilla...

Put the blue in your White Water, DE Star Wars. Star Trek, Funhouse, Judge Dredd, Doctor Who, Tron, Fathom, Avatar, Wipe Out, Baywatch, Jackbot, Atlantis...

Put the white in Bugs Bunny Birthday Bash, No Good Gofers, Tee'd Off, Eight Ball Deluxe, Pool Sharks, High Roller Casino...well anything!

And to make all your EM machines play faster, use any of the colors!


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*Pinballs glow in the dark only after being exposed to a light source that charges the balls. The longer the ball is exposed to a light source, the longer it glows.
**while supplies last.

Do not allow children to handle these balls, they could be a choking hazard.

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